Monday, 12 March 2012

master stock chicken

I can't believe it but my oven has died.  This is not the first time.  2 years ago it also happened and I didn't get it fixed for over 6 months as I was too embarrassed to get someone over as my oven was so dirty.
We had to rely on stove top meals and BBQ.  We would have a roast dinner when we went down to the bach which was a real treat.  I hope this is not going to happen again.

Anyway,  this is the reason I cooked the chicken this way as I have no oven.
This is a really good way to poach chicken for a number of uses.  Just good to have in the fridge.

Put the chicken in a large pot, big enough that it can be totally covered with water.
Add what flavourings you like
I put in 2 carrots, 2 stalks of celery an onion with its skin still on, some parsley and rosemary and some pepper corns and a bayleaf.  Pretty traditional stock ingredients.
Then pour enough cold water to cover the chicken.
Put on the lid, put the pot on high heat on the stove and bring to the boil.  Once boiling turn it right down to the lowest setting and simmer for 15minutes.  Then finally turn off the heat and let the chicken sit in the hot stock for 2 hours.  After the 2 hours remove the bird.  You will have an incredibly succulent chicken ready for use.  At this point I remove all the chicken from the bones and put the bones back into the stock and simmer away for another 2 hours until you have a nice light tasting stock ( Don't forget to season the stock with salt).

This is really simple and provides you both with beautiful chicken and homemade stock.
I used the chicken for sandwiches for school lunches mixed with mayo and herbs.  Of course you could make chicken soup.
I did take more photos but can't seem to find where I filed them.
Any way you get the gist.

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