Wednesday, 21 March 2012

courgette angel hair pasta

This was my lunch yesterday.  The angel hair pasta has been in the pantry for a long time now, as everybody prefers either penne or linguine.  So it is me who has to eat what the others won't.
I had plenty of courgettes in the fridge as they are really good value at the moment and decided to put the 2 together along with some garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and a ton of parmesan cheese and of course salt and pepper.
Start by putting your large pot of water onto boil ready to cook the pasta.
Then slice the courgettes 'Kylie Kwong style', which is slicing the courgette on the diagonal and then slicing into julienne.  I think this looks nicer than matchsticks.  I think I used 2 courgettes.
Heat up your pan and gentle fry the courgette and the garlic with a generous amount of olive oil and maldon salt (remember the oil acts as sauce).
Once they are tender and cooked to your liking turn of the heat.  Meanwhile cook your pasta, mine only took 3-4 mins, do not over cook as it will not be worth eating if you do.
Drain and add to the pan with the courgettes, then squeeze on your lemon your handful or more of grated parmesan cheese and more salt and pepper.
The only problem I have with pasta is that I need a huge amount of it and eat a huge pile.  Oh well I don't have it everyday.

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