Friday, 30 March 2012

'Fleurs' Irish lamb stew with seaweed dumplings and glazed carrots- made by Anna

Anna shared this wonderful picture of her dinner the other night and the recipe.  It came from 'Fleur Sullivans' new book called 'Fleurs Place'.  The same name as her renowned restaurant in Moeraki Bay Central Otago.  Fluer is known for sourcing her regions finest local produce and getting her seafood supply straight from the jetty outside her restaurant.  A visit to her place is a definite must on my culinary bucket list.

Anyway this is what Anna said about the dish...
"This was an amazing recipe from 'Fleurs Cafe' photo not as good as hers in the book...tasted amazing apart from the dumplings!  Made from suet with karenga fronds (didn't think flavour mixed well) it was a classic Irish lamb stew with glazed carrots, was thickened by taking stock out of stew after cooking, then cooking potatoes in rosemary in stock, pureeing it, then adding back in...was pretty delish... nice simple ingredients, and lamb so tender...

Thanks Anna for your contribution.  I will give it a go.  I especially like the first step of the recipe where everything just goes into the pot and stock it added.  So simple.

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