Saturday, 3 March 2012

make dinner not war

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Bluff oyster season has started and they got there first haul yesterday, unfortunately the weather will probably dampen further catches for the next couple of days.
The season will go onto till July- August with the 'Bluff Oyster and Food Festival' commencing May 26th 2012.
I wish I liked them, I will always try them.  I have progressed from the gag stage.
From the 5th of March 'the Foodstore'  is having a deal during March where you can buy 3 dozen oysters and a bottle of yellow label 'Veuve' for $199

Meet the  Mc baguette which  'Mc Donalds' is introducing in France in April joke!

Yet another amazing home here and amazing accommodations here, for the extremely loaded..

Angelina Jolies right leg had caused quite the sensation and even a tumblr has been dedicated in her honour...

Have you ever listened to a podcast about food and dining and other stuff, well,  I have come across 'The Dinner Party'
which seems to be quite interesting.  I have only listened to 1 but there are a total of 137 episodes to choose from.  You can go to there website to download or if you have an iphone, pod or pad you can get the 'The Dinner Party' app

Something I would like to read is 'On the Future of Food - The Princes's Speech' he had always been a great food advocate...


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