Monday, 7 November 2011

photos from sunday

Lily has wanted a hammock for our outside room forever.  I came across this one at the 'Trade Aid' shop.  Chris put it up yesterday.

Beautiful Peonies.  Just about to do there dash, but their colours at this time are just beautiful.  I bought these from the 'lady who sells them from her truck' at Shore Rd, Remuera (Sports ground carpark).  She is there Wed, Thurs and Fri morning till about 1pm.  Really fresh and much cheaper than any where else.

The tuis have been waking me up at the crack of dawn clicking and barking away for the last few weeks.  Nice but the flax flower nectar it likes, are right by our bedroom window,  really loud!  Apparently the tui has a huge vocal range, some sounds that we as humans cannot even register.

I was delighted to capture some shots in the Pohutakawa tree out the back.  Usually by the time I have found my camera it has flown away.

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