Thursday, 10 November 2011

roast for one

This is my dinner that I made and took to work last night.  We had some drumsticks left over from another dinner and decided I would roast whatever was about.  Which was carrots, kumara, potatoes, some cabbage an onion, cloves of garlic and one very small red pepper and of course some herbs that are in the garden.

 Prepare the vege, add a glug of olive oil and lots of salt and pepper.  I slice the onions and layer them on the bottom of the dish along with the rosemary and thyme.  Then pile on the rest any way you like.

Roast in a 180C - 200C preheated oven.  I cook it in 3 lots of 15 minutes, turning it over and making sure things aren't getting too charred and that everything is getting coated in the juices.
I added some fresh thyme at the end because it tastes so nice.  The cabbage becomes really sweet and amalgamates with the onions perfectly.  Lastly it's added to my lunchbox all ready to be reheated in the microwave at dinner time at work.  Yum...


  1. Wow that is very organized of you.

  2. Well the alternative would have had to been toast...

    1. Great idea! Enjoyed by all! Next time will try with the cabbage.

    2. I'm glad you are trying my recipes and happy you enjoyed it. Thanks