Monday, 28 November 2011

tomato confit

By now you probably know that I love tomatoes and I am so glad they are out there in abundance.  They are so summer.
I also love flavoured oils and one great way to create your own is to confit with olive oil and that is what I have done with these tomatoes.

Slice the tomatoes in half on top of some fresh rosemary, thyme and a bay leaf in a small baking dish along with a couple of garlic cloves and a fine sprinkle of salt and sugar.  Then pour some good olive oil to just cover.
Cover with foil and and bake for about an hour at 180 C.  Just long enough to become squashy.

When cooked remove the skins.  I added these to pasta with basil and parmesan cheese along with some of the confit oil and plenty of maldon salt and pepper and some fresh thyme.

They would also be nice squashed on some toasted bread with goat cheese.
The left over oil would be great to make crostini or perfect for salad dressing.

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