Sunday, 8 May 2011

The green that was...

Autumn is really here now and the green in my garden is disappearing.  Thought I'd post these photos before they all go entirely.

The Kaffir lime tree though small will be around all winter.

The flax will thrive over the damp winter.

The lettuces are massive and have bolted already.  Can still use the leaves though.

The basil doesn't look like this anymore.

The coriander has gone to seed.  But it has produced pretty flowers that you can use for cooking or garnish.

These are Macadamia nuts hanging over the fence from the neighbours.

These herbs have all gone.

The Nastursiums have grown out of control, even managed to sport a few flowers.

The rocket is doing really well.  I can grow this all year round.  It is in a concrete trough and is sheltered under the eaves of the sunniest side of the house.

The giant Lily has now come inside, as it's getting a little to chilly overnight.  It also has got a lot bigger.

It has even unfurled a lovely flower.

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