Saturday, 28 May 2011

Easy eggless icecream

This ice-cream turned out surprising well.  Way better than I expected.  It was a big hit with my kids.  I didn't manage to get a photo once it was frozen as it was all gone before I got around to doing so.  I ll get a photo next time I make it.

The ingredients of the recipe are

1 can of condensed milk
500mls of cream
1 cup of plain unsweetened yogurt
1 cup of boysenberry couli or any other fruit puree

Mix the condensed milk and cream together using an electric mixer.

Keep going till it starts to thicken and looks like this.  (soft peaks)

Add the yogurt and fold in gently, then the boysenberry couli making a swirling pattern.
Pour into a container that can hold about 2 litres.  Freeze for minimum of 4 hours.  It does freeze quite firmly if left to long.

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