Tuesday, 17 April 2012

this is why I don't bake

This is why I don't bake, because I can't, I don't have the patiences or the temperament.  You know this...
I had high hopes for these brandy snaps though.  I have wanted to give them a go for a long time.  I did the research, got the recipe that I thought would be best, my state of mind was in the right place.  But hell when it went wrong I swore like a sailor and wanted to chuck them across the room.  And of course I gave up.  My first attempt is the burnt crumbly bits in the background.  2nd attempt I got to roll them ok but they were not holding their shape and flattening out.  Meanwhile the other ones on the other tray have got too hard to roll.  No joy...no fun at all.
I'm still smarting.  Don't even like dessert.