Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I'm in a funk

I am now in day 2 of my funk.  A mood of apathy and discord.  At the moment I have no joy in cooking or food shopping.  I am just going through the motions hoping that my aimlessness and general lack of direction will get back on track soon.
 Usually when I feel this way I can usually restore my motivation and inspiration by going on

Here are some random things that I found anyway...

Can you fathom the absolute grandscale of this ridiculousness...

I do like the look of these cork screws used this way,  I have a fondness for hooks.  It would be nice if you could a variety of some old vintage ones together on the wall.

I thought making some beef stock might help... I have been using the stockpot instead of the slowcooker these days.  If you haven't made beef stock before I urged you to try.  It is so good and you could use it to make french onion soup.

Have you ever seen what a fresh nutmeg looks like, quite incredible and beautiful...This site 'season with spice' is a good one..

I have so much rosemary in my garden at the moment that I do not know what to do with it. Last year I got a little carried away in the planting.  There is only so many roasts with rosemary one can have.  Any suggestions?


  1. Isn't that ship crazy. I totally agree.I made your chicken stock today.Now have some yummy chicken pieces for lunch tomorrow.Didn't have any parsley or rosemary so i hope it still tastes ok.

  2. Crazy ship alright. Did you do the master stock chicken stock recipe?

  3. much salt do you usually add?

  4. At least a teaspoon of Maldon salt, maybe more. Do you use Maldon salt?