Wednesday, 18 April 2012

plants still alive and growing

Planted the parsley, cauliflower and chives from seeds on the 18/2/12, 8 weeks ago.  All looking robust and hopefully will do well.
I also planted some beetroot.  There is no sign of that though.  3 out of 4 not so bad.
This is what they looked liked last update on the 15th March.

The broadbeans I planted from seeds on the 29/2/12,  about 7 weeks ago.  They are doing amazing.
The spinach and butter crunch lettuce planted from seeds on the 12/3/12,  5 weeks ago are just coming on.  I have planted more lettuce and spinach seeds since.
Chris has had to build a frame for the broadbeans to give them some support.  I am very happy with the progress,  just hope the snails and things don't eat them first.

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