Wednesday, 29 February 2012

pita pizza

This is what I took to work for dinner last night.  I had to have 2, as one was not going to be enough, but I guess 2 is a little piggy.  They are a small size though.

These pita breads make perfect pizza bases and I really like them as they have nothing crappy in them.
I have a special technique when it comes to these pizzas as I start them off in the cast iron fry pan on the hob.  Put what you want on it and then put it in the pan and gently cook till the bottom of the pita starts to brown.  Then put the pan with the pizza in the oven on grill and grill till the cheese has gone golden and bubbling.

For this pizza I just added what was in the fridge.  There was some tomato onion jam that was left over from the beef sandwiches that I made in the weekend so that was my base (put on quite thickly), then went on the ham,  chopped red pepper and of course the mozzerella cheese.
Once it was cooked I added some rocket, basil and a squeeze of lemon.
They are really thin and crispy with a soft chewy topping.
Yum I feel like one now...I just might.

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