Tuesday, 21 February 2012

blue cod with prawn salsa

This is what we had for dinner last night.  The blue cod came courtesy of my sister and brother in law.  It came from the Chatham Islands and for those who don't know, the Chatham Islands are 800 km east of the South Island of New Zealand..
It is the most devine fish I have tasted, dense and sweet.
It was simply panfried in butter and olive oil and light dusted in flour before hand.  I used cornflour for Finns.

For the salsa put together what ever you have in fine dice.. I used

1 orange pepper
1 yellow pepper
8 tomatoes
2 avocados
1 fiercely hot green chile
1 mango
1 tablespoon of finely chopped coriander
zest of 1 lime
250g of chopped cooked prawns

The dressing was a combination of palm sugar, lime juice and fish sauce.
The salsa goes really well with corn chips too...

This is my ultimate favourite dinner...
actually some shoe string fries and some aioli  on the side and it would be perfect,  oh don't forget the wine...

photos by Jacob


  1. Yum looks devine. I will try it tonight. Great photography Jacob.

    1. To make the dressing. Use the juice of one juicy lime. A tablespoon at least of palm sugar or brown sugar and a few shakes of fish sauce and stir till dissolved. Just taste it. It should be quite sweet.

  2. Certainly does. Will do Thursday night. Thanks for the inspiration Erin and the fish Phillipa.

  3. Did you make the salsa Lisa?