Wednesday, 22 February 2012

sown the seeds

Yes I got my hands dirty last weekend.  I finally planted some seeds in my new raised bed.

 It has taken a long time to get to this stage and I thought I'd better get a move on or summer will be over.  I do not know what I am doing when it comes to vegetables and I have not had a lot of success in the past with previous attempts elsewhere in the garden,  so I have high hopes for the raised bed.
Herbs I have no problem with.  I think it is because I am impatient and don't do things correctly.   I have sown beetroot, cauliflower, lettuce, parsley and chive seeds in a very random dispersal, so lets hope things will grow.  It all adds to the mystery.
I do have an irrigation system now too.

The raised bed could not be possible without the expertise of Chris and his wonderful construction skills.  As you can see nothing would possibly grow in that clay.
Now it is filled with a beautiful combination of high grade top soil and compost.
I will keep you up dated with how I get on...


  1. Love your raised beds!!! Especially the irrigation :-)

  2. Thanks, some green things are just starting to shoot through.