Wednesday, 15 February 2012

angus beef sausage in a bread roll

Last nights dinner was mean't to be mashed potato, sausages with onion gravy but I changed my mind when I saw these bread rolls at 'New World' and decided that it would be quicker to put the sausages in a bun instead.  The bread rolls were very good.
The sausages are 'Angus beef with garlic' gluten free of course,  not that you can see them hiding in there.  Finn had to have his own gf bread.
I caramelised some onions and attempted to make a BBQ sauce which didn't quite work out how I wanted it too.  It tasted nice but it wasn't a true BBQ sauce, next time I will follow a recipe.
Cheese was also added as requested.  All in all pretty good.
Par boiling the sausages and making the sauce and onions earlier in the day make for a fast put together dinner.

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