Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Roast carrot and yam salad with broccoli and avocado

Unfortunately the yam loses its brilliant colour when it is roasted.  Still tastes good though.
Use tons of carrots as they shrink to nothing once they are roasted.  I think  I used about 7 medium sized carrots.  10 yams, 4 small red onions and 1 whole bulb of garlic.  Toss with a generous amount of olive oil and sea salt and pepper and roast at 180 C for about 40 mins or until they look golden.  Turn them over a couple of times for even cooking.  Let the vegetables cool.
Meanwhile chop up broccoli and steam and let cool.
Chop up an avocado.
Make some quinoa. Thats if you can be bothered.  About 1/4 cup.  It tells you how to cook it on the superfood salad post.
Make some balsamic vinegar vinaigrette.
Toss all the ingredients together.
We had this salad with roast chicken drumsticks.  I also poured some of the meat juices on the veggies as well.  I liked it, the kids only ate the carrots.  They thought the quinoa looked like octopus suckers.

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