Sunday, 10 June 2012

chevre with sweet tomato relish and rocket and parmesan salad

Well we had the dinner party and I made the Coq au vin with my new pot. I was not entirely pleased with it, the Coq au vin I mean.  Not one of my better efforts.  The pot was great that it could fit 2 size 22 chickens but I cooked it too long and the chicken completely fell apart and went stringy.  The sauce lacked something too, despite the red wine, homemade stock, bacon, garlic etc etc, so as a result I did not photograph or post.  A little disappointing I had such high hopes.  The guests didn't complain so wasn't all bad.
Anyway, sticking with a french theme we had some chicken and duck liver parfait and chevre with tomato relish as a starter which I enjoyed.
We had left overs so we had it for lunch today along with a rocket and parmesan salad.

If you haven't tried goats cheese before I recommend you give it a go.  I thought I didn't like it and on its own it's not that pleasant but combined with something sweet it becomes something else.

The tomato relish recipe is this one with a few chile flakes added.
Put down some of the tomato relish in a bake proof dish.  Tapas plates are ideal.  Then add a 1 cm slice of the cheese to the middle of it.
Put it in a 200 degree oven for about 5 mins until the relish is bubbling and the cheese just starts to catch.
Add a little olive oil if you wish.  I used some lemon Colonna oil.

The salad is simply rocket, shaved bits of parmesan with some slivers of red onion and croutons dressed  with red wine vinegar and good olive oil and of course salt and pepper.

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