Monday, 5 September 2011

think less live more

Farewell 'Happy Feet,' you can track Happy Feets' progress back to Antartica (hopefully) here...

Count down to the Rugby World Cup, 1st game and opening ceremony on this Friday night...Get the match schedule here... unfortunately I have to work...

Thought about buying your meat from somewhere about 'Neat Meat' in 'The Strand', Parnell

We went down to 'North Wharf' yesterday for Jacob's Birthday breakfast.  Unfortunately not a lot open for breakfast.  Should have done my homework.  We went for a wonder around,  and with a lot of waiting we ended up at 'Jack Tars' for lunch.  The 'Wynyard Quarter' was truly packed by this time.  (good to see people out and about).
Seems like the teething problems are still being worked out.  Anyway, we had a reasonable lunch, especially comfortable as we were seated in a large booth with views to the water and the ongoing stream of foot traffic.
Typical gastro pub food.  We had pizzas and burgers.  Lots of it.. nothing special..

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