Saturday, 26 May 2012

raw sandwich pizza

  When I was in high school I had the same sandwich just about everyday.
Grated raw beetroot, carrot and cheese on vogel bread and maybe some lettuce if we had some. (actually, vogel bread what pretty new back then).        I had two sandwiches one for morning tea and one for lunch.
So that was my inspiration for my lunch yesterday.  I added a few extra things also as you can see.

For this recipe I used  - layered in the following order

  • 1 small lebanese bread  ( softened up in the toaster )
  • avocado mixed with some mayonnaise
  • finely sliced cabbage
  • grated beetroot
  • grated carrot
  • grated cheese
  • sliced yellow pepper
  • bean sprouts 
  • some more avocado mayonaise
  • finely some chopped chives

I just folded it over to eat.  As you can see it was a little messy.  I did eat every last bit though.
You don't have to add this much filling, but that is the way I like it...

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