Wednesday, 23 May 2012

prawn sushi

 God I am a pig.  I bought the prawn sushi first, but the teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise on the large sushi roll was too irresistible so I had to get that too.  I won't eat it all...well I probably will...nah I didn't ... I left 3 pieces but I am sure I will eat it later on... I am so full... Jacob has just come home from school and eaten the last bits so it is all gone.
I bought the sushi from 'sushi and sushi' in Marua Rd Ellerslie.  The man has been there for a few years now and has been perfecting his craft.  He was a bit rip shit and bust at first, but it has always been fresh and most importantly tasty.
I needed a treat today as my car has been making strange noises and I took in to get fixed yesterday.  I picked it up this morning.  They hadn't fixed anything but they did charge me $196 to tell me that I need to spend $2500 to get it fixed.  How does that work, I told them so to.  Essentially I had to pay to get a quote.  Bloody hell I hate car crap.


  1. I was just about to say you didn't make that did you?Then i read on.Yes cars are for ever costing money even when there is nothing wrong with them..I hope you enjoyed.