Friday, 12 August 2011


I was at the food show the other week and came across this product.  It is actually quite good.  I would be the first to steer clear of anything that is nasty.  It comes in 2 styles, mild and spicy.  I have only tried the mild.  It does have coriander, lemon juice and garlic in it, but the avocado taste is real.  Certainly not as good as a perfectly ripe newly sliced avocado, but pretty decent and if you add things even better. It really is a good product just to have in the fridge.  I think it lasts for about a week.  It costs $3.99 and is found in the fridge by the produce section.  It has 2 packets.
We have had it with 'Nachos' and Lily has been taking it too school for her lunch along with some tortilla chips.

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